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Type Of Analysis  Screen -

Bio PIE Type Of Analysis Screen

Bio PIE is multifaceted software that can be used for analyzing the biorhythms for oneself or for a set of people. The PIE in BioPIE stands for P-Physical, I-Intellectual, E- emotional) cycles. 

All the functions of this screen are described as numbered:

1. Type of Analysis: You can choose SELF, COUPLE or GROUP from the dropdown menu.

2. People in the Group: When GROUP option is selected you can choose the number of people from the list for up to 10 people.

3. Recall Information: This allows you to access the already stored personal information that had been input before. Select the type of analysis needed and then click on this button.

4. Next: Click on this button to go to the Personal Details Screen.

5. Save Information: Click on this button to save your personal information.

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