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Personal Detail  Screen -

Bio Pie Personal Details Screen

In this screen you can enter the details about yourself and others for whom you wish to have a Bio PIE. 

All the functions of this screen are described as numbered:

1. Person’s Name: Enter the name of the person.

2. Date of Birth: Enter the date of birth of the person.

3. Sex: Click to choose the Male option.

4. Sex: Click to choose the Female option.

5. Report Date: Choose the date for which you wish the BioPIE chart to be generated for.

6. Choose Color: Select the color you wish the graph to be drawn in.

7. Back to Main: Click on this button to go back to the Initial Information Screen. 

8. Recall Information: This allows you to access the already stored personal information that had been input before. Select the type of analysis needed and then click on this button.

9. Next: Click on this button to enter a new person’s details.
View Bio PIE Results: Click on this button to view the results of BioPIE software.

10. Save Information: This allows you to save the input visitor information for future reference.

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